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                                      1、 Wuzhi-10 Military Model


                                      The Wuzhi-10 is a specialized medium-sized attack helicopter equipped by the People's Liberation Army Army. It is the first self-developed model of its kind, jointly developed by Changhe Aircraft Industry Company and Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The Wuzhi-10 armed helicopter is mainly tasked with anti tank operations, with excellent combat performance, high technological content, powerful firepower, and advanced avionics systems. Its overall performance has reached the international advanced level.


                                      2、 Aircraft Carrier Military Model



                                      The People's Liberation Army Navy Fujian Ship (hull number: 18, abbreviated as Fujian Ship) is the third aircraft carrier and the first catapult type aircraft carrier designed and built entirely independently. Adopting a straight and elongated flight deck, equipped with electromagnetic catapults and interception devices, with a full load displacement of over 80000 tons.


                                      3、 ZBL-09 Infantry Tank Military Model


                                      The Type 8 Infantry Tank (ZBL stands for Armored Infantry Tank Wheeled according to the weapon naming rules of the People's Republic of China) is a type of 8 equipped by the People's Liberation Army of China × The development unit of the 8-wheeled infantry tank is the Northern Industrial Company of the People's Republic of China. The ZBL-08 infantry tank weighs a total of 16 tons, with a crew of 3 and a loading capacity of 7. It adopts the international wheeled tank standard layout, with the power compartment located on the right side of the front of the vehicle, the driver and commander on the left side of the power compartment, the combat compartment in the center, and the rear serving as the passenger compartment. There are 3 crew members and 7 passengers arranged. There are sound insulation, noise reduction, and thermal insulation partitions between the compartments inside the car.


                                      4、 J-15 Military Model


                                      The J-15 carrier based fighter jet is a single seat twin engine carrier based fighter jet developed based on the Russian Su-33 prototype T-10K-3 and the domestically produced J-11 fighter jet. It belongs to the improved fourth generation fighter jet, namely the fourth generation half fighter jet, in terms of generation division. On the basis of the J-11 fighter jet, this aircraft has added duck wings and is equipped with two high thrust engines, achieving wing folding. The aircraft has also been redesigned with lift enhancement devices, landing devices, and arresting hooks, enabling it to achieve the flight characteristics required for landing while maintaining excellent combat performance conditions.


                                      5、 Military model of Type 99 main battle tank


                                      The Type Z tank is the abbreviation of the ZTZ-99 main battle tank, engineering code WZ-123. It is an improved version of the Type 9910 and is a new main battle tank of the People's Liberation Army. Its firepower, mobility, and protection capabilities are better than those of the Type 59, 69, 79, and 88, but its manufacturing cost is higher than that of the Type 96. It is currently an advanced main battle tank. It has excellent bulletproof appearance, and its turret and body are equipped with composite armor, which greatly enhances its bulletproof ability. It is the main assault force of the Army Armored Division and Infantry Division, and is known as the third generation main battle tank of the Land War ace. As a third-generation tank, its powerful firepower and comprehensive performance have earned it praise.

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