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                                      熱門搜索:軍事模型 航天模型 飛機模型 坦克模型 變形金剛模型 鋼雕模型
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                                      發布時間:2024-02-12 來源:http://www.wjsyzx.com/


                                      1、 Irregular proportion


                                      Because the model products produced by informal manufacturers are not authorized by airlines and aircraft manufacturers, but are produced by forging the products of formal manufacturers, perhaps through some aircraft pictures collected on the Internet, the simulation degree of models is relatively poor and the scale is out of proportion. Legitimate manufacturers produce models based on the drawings provided by airlines and aircraft manufacturers.


                                      2、 Poor model process


                                      The appearance is prone to yellowing and fading

                                      正規生產廠家為 產品的品質,在模型生產中所選用的都是價錢較貴的高等涂料,因而這種模型即便長時間存放也不容易涌現變黃、褪色等景象;而小企業以及非正規企業為了降低生產本錢則選用價錢低廉的涂料,這種涂料生產出來的模型剛開始與大廠家生產出來基礎無異,然而短則半年長則一年就會逐步涌現變黃、褪色的狀況,這也是為什么一些廠家能把價錢壓得更低的原因之一。

                                      Regular manufacturers use expensive and high-quality coatings in model production to ensure product quality. Therefore, even if stored for a long time, this type of model is not prone to yellowing, fading, and other phenomena; Small businesses and informal enterprises, in order to reduce production costs, choose low-cost coatings. The models produced by these coatings are initially similar to those produced by large manufacturers, but in the short term, they will gradually turn yellow and fade in a year. This is also one of the reasons why some manufacturers can lower their prices.



                                      Wings, engines, and other components are prone to breakage and detachment


                                      The limitations of non-standard production processes in small model manufacturing enterprises, as well as the use of inferior materials for frugality, make it easy for the wings, engines, and other components of the models they produce to break and detach during transportation. This loss rate may be relatively small in bulk transportation of goods, but in express delivery transportation of small quantities of goods, this loss rate can sometimes even reach over 70%.


                                      A large number of such model retailers have appeared on Internet websites and sold their products at low prices. However, due to the high rate of transportation losses and the high rate of product defects mentioned above, most of them have closed their doors or changed their business lines in a long period of time.


                                      Unsmooth appearance with a lot of impurities


                                      Resin based aircraft models often lack necessary quality inspection procedures due to the manual completion of many processes, and some manufacturers blindly seek output, reduce costs, and product prices. The finished models often contain defective products mixed in.

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