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                                      熱門搜索:軍事模型 航天模型 飛機模型 坦克模型 變形金剛模型 鋼雕模型
                                      您當前所在位置 首頁>>新聞動態>>行業資訊汽車模型的各個部件都是怎么制作出來的?


                                      發布時間:2024-02-28 來源:http://www.wjsyzx.com/


                                      The various components of a car model are all cast, and casting requires a metal mold. There will be a dedicated workshop in the car model factory to produce metal molds. They use machine tools to process molds based on gypsum models. This workshop is like all mechanical processing plants, and as soon as you enter, you will feel a rolling heat wave. The sound of metal impact and the cutting sound of rotating cutting tools cannot be ignored. This is a place that people don't want to stay much, but the workers still silently sweat for every exquisite car model in their posts.



                                      Just like real car production, car models also need to produce parts first before assembly. There are two types of materials for general parts - alloy metal and plastic. These parts are all produced using a machine called a "beer making machine" in Hong Kong, but it is not a machine for brewing beer, but rather a machine for plastic injection molding and metal die-casting. The surface of the cast alloy parts will be very rough, and they need to be polished before they can have a shiny appearance. They emit a slightly black metallic luster and look great in the sunlight. The processing of plastic parts is relatively easy and does not require further processing.


                                      The workmanship of car model parts directly affects the overall quality, especially for some parts that can be opened, such as car doors, luggage compartments, etc. The dimensional accuracy of these parts is required to be very high, otherwise there will be loosening when opening and closing. In addition, the brightness of the metal plated parts and the adhesive paper on the dashboard are also important.

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